New words since 1949

A good English Comp read in Vocabulary


via Macmillan Dictionary Blog.

Here are a few of the newer words and phrases in English, listed by decade (when they first appeared in print or caught on). I list those I am most likely to use in writing, not counting proper nouns.

1950s: agribusiness, alien (from outer space), big picture, bipolar (psychiatric), body bag, byte, car wash, carbon dating, centre stage, centrefold, cognitive dissonance, country music, criminalize, desegregation, doublespeak, downplay, dreadlocks, gunpoint, hack/er, hang-up (emotional), homophobia, low blow, meritocracy, nerd, online, oral history, overkill, prejudiced (racial), press release, press secretary, redline, security guard, sensitivity training, sex change, skinhead, slumlord, strung out, think tank, time warp, track record, uncool, videotape.

1960s: affirmative action, Afro, be into (be a fan of), Black is beautiful, blow your mind, body count, born-again, bottom line, brain drain, chart (music sales), cherry pick, come out of the closet, counterinsurgency, database, fortune…

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