Chinese inventions



Some things the Chinese invented or discovered:

  • -7000s: rice, millet
  • -6000s: rice paddy, alcoholic drink
  • -5000s:
  • -4000s: lacquer
  • -3000s: silk, nail polish
  • -2000s: tea, ink, umbrella, noodles, soybeans
  • -1000s: Chinese characters, pontoon bridge, inoculation, kite, chopsticks
  • -1000
    • -900s: go (board game)
    • -800s:
    • -700s:
    • -600s:
    • -500s: crossbow
    • -400s: compass, blast furnace, cast iron
    • -300s: mouldboard plough, stirrup (possibly from nomads)
    • -200s: hot air balloon
    • -100s: paper, wrapping paper, acupuncture, tofu
    • -000s:
  • +1
    • 000s:
    • 100s: seismometer
    • 200s: wheelbarrow, negative numbers, stir frying, junk (ship)
    • 300s: oil well
    • 400s:
    • 500s: horse collar, toilet paper, civil service exam, pill?
    • 600s: china (porcelain)
    • 700s: mechanical clock (escapement)
    • 800s: gunpowder, printed book, paper money, playing cards
    • 900s: canal lock
  • 1000
    • 1000s: movable type, clock tower, chain drive
    • 1100s: cannon, fireworks
    • 1200s: bomb (iron), rocket, land mine, dominoes, restaurant menu
    • 1300s: gun (musket), water-powered spinning machines
    • 1400s: toothbrush
    • 1500s:
    • 1600s:
    • 1700s:
    • 1800s: mahjong
    • 1900s: barefoot doctor
  • 2000
    • 2000s:

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