Ancient Egypt according to Chancellor Williams

A good reading piece in African American Studies


Note: The following is based on my understanding of chapters two and three of “The Destruction of Black Civilization” (1987) by historian Chancellor Williams. I want a summary that I can look back at later.

Chancellor Williams divides the Nile Valley into:

  • Lower Egypt – the Nile Delta, north of Memphis and the great pyramids.
  • Upper Egypt – Egypt upriver from the Delta. At its heart, and at the root of Black history itself: the city of Thebes.
  • Nubia – the Nile south of the First Cataract, the point beyond which sea-going ships cannot pass.

The past 6,017 years:

  • In -4000 Egypt, then called Chem, was Black. Asians begin to move into Lower Egypt in large numbers. In time it becomes like another country.
  • In -3100 Black Africa now begins just south of the Delta. Lower Egypt is now mainly Asian and Afro-Asian, becoming largely brown. Menes takes…

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