African Diaspora


The African Diaspora (fl. 600-1900) is the spread of people beyond Africa, mainly by way of the Arab and Western slave trade. The 18 million or so who left Africa have grown to more than 180 million people of clear African ancestry.

Most came from the west coast (from Senegal to Angola), the east coast (Somalia to Mozambique) and the Sahel (the grasslands south of the Sahara).

Most wound up in the Americas, especially Brazil, the Caribbean and the US. A few million live in Eutrope, especially France and Britain. Less than a million live in Asia.

Black people, circa 2010.

Strictly speaking, since the human race comes from Africa, nearly everyone who lives outside of Africa comes from one diaspora or another – there have been at least three. This post is about the most recent one.

People have always been leaving Africa, as merchants, seamen, soldiers…

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