Du Bois: The Souls of White Folk


_72469655_machine_gunners_somme_1916_getty First World War: over 15 million dead

In the essay “The Souls of White Folk” (1920), written two years after the end of the First World War, W.E.B. Du Bois saw as probable a second world war and the fight to end White rule in Africa and Asia (of which the Vietnam War was part):

The World War was primarily the jealous and avaricious struggle for the largest share in exploiting darker races. As such it is and must be but the prelude to the armed and indignant protest of these despised and raped peoples. … Is, then, this war the end of wars? Can it be the end, so long as sits enthroned, even in the souls of those who cry peace, the despising and robbing of darker peoples? If Europe hugs this delusion, then this is not the end of world war, – it is but the beginning!


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