Vengeful Taxonomy: Your Chance to Name a New Species of Cockroach

Entomology Today

This new species of cockroach in the genus Xestoblatta needs a name.

By Dominic Evangelista

We’ve recently discovered a new species of cockroach in the genus Xestoblatta. It’s dirty, it’s ugly, it’s smelly, and it needs a name.

As part of our campaign to fund a project about how tropical landscapes drive evolution, we are offering the opportunity for anyone with enough cash to name this new species. Why would you want to name a down-and-dirty insect like that? Because it’s the most low-down and dirty of them all!

Dominic Evangelista

A Pest and all the Rest

Only about one percent of all cockroach species come into contact with humans regularly. You might even say that those one percent are our friends. This is not one of those species. It’s a native to northern Guyana and lives mostly in rain forests with lots of leaf litter.

We don’t…

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