Points Bibliography: State and Self-Regulation of Tobacco Use

Points: The Blog of the Alcohol & Drugs History Society

Editor’s Note:  These entries are part of an ongoing drug-related dissertation bibliography being compiled by Jonathon Erlen. They were formerly published in the Social History of Alcohol and Drugs journal but are now periodically featured on the Points blog. Today’s post features recent research on international government controls on tobacco advertising and on quitting or altering individual use patterns. For more information, contact Dr. Erlen through the link above. 

Sources of Variation in Nicotine Metabolism and Associations with Smoking Abstinence in Adolescents and Adults

Author: Chenoweth, Meghan Jo-Ann

Abstract: Smoking remains a major public health concern; worldwide, approximately one billion people smoke. Despite the fact that many smokers are motivated to quit, only a small minority of those making quit attempts successfully quit each year. Variation in the rate of nicotine metabolic inactivation influences a number of smoking behaviours, including cessation. Thus, we sought to characterize genetic, environmental…

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