The Fight for African American Civil Rights is Not Over

Blind Injustice

When my brother and I went through the educational system,
we were taught that the big fight for African American civil rights was in the
1950s and 1960s…and then there was nothing on that fight after then.

That is somewhat understandable, because several of the most
significant court decisions and pieces of legislation on African American civil
rights in the history of the United States happened/passed in the 1950s and

However, the fight for African American civil rights is far
from over, and in fact, in a number of ways, the United States has seemingly
gone backward on African American
civil rights.

There is clearly a disconnect going on here, between what
some people believe and what the reality is.

Below are three of the common[1]
beliefs about African American civil rights that are incorrect. Those incorrect
beliefs are in bold and the answers
to those incorrect beliefs…

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