Trump is more like Hitler than he was


Trump is more like Hitler than he was three years ago on the eve of his election.

This is an easy thing for me to measure because I wrote a post on October 19th 2016 in which I compared Trump to the rise of Hitler. Three years later Trump is clearly worse – or better if you are a neo-Nazi.

My comparison from October 2016:

  • Like Trump, Hitler:
    • played on people’s fears and racism;
    • promised to make his country great again;
    • had little regard for civil rights;
    • presented himself as a strongman;
    • was dismissed as a clown who could be controlled.
  • Unlike Trump, Hitler:
    • had a strong, united party behind him with broad national support;
    • faced no strong opposition party;
    • had already tried to overthrow the government (in Bavaria in the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch);
    • had a master of propaganda (Joseph Goebbels).

The first five are still true

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  1. “But far more frightening than Trump are his followers. They have shown themselves to be White nationalist fascists in sheep’s clothing. And they are not going anywhere.”


    1. Okay, but what are we basing nationalistic viewpoints about Trump. Thats easy to do! Because the article in short does bear some crude comparisons to Hitler. However, I think the only clear evidence about Trump politics bears in his weakness of economic policy among working class whites? Is that important in the Trump Administration?


      1. im missing your point. but mine is that this sentence hits the nail on the head, regardless of whether you think trump is hitler. his followers are more frightening -and dangerous – than he is. since i am banned from the original site, i thought id post my agreement here. indeed, was not commenting about his politics at all. but those of his white nationalist followers, especially the so called patriots. these folks are clamoring for civil (race) war. check out this site, for instance. they are cloaked in patriotis masks but they are rabid trumpsters.
        American Intelligence Media. sorry cant link. computer problems.


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