5 Reasons why exercising makes you a better student

Mature Student Survival

Without any doubt in my mind, I know that exercise makes me a better student. Although, I am by no means an expert in sport and fitness, it is true that whether I go for a brisk walk or participate in a high impact gym class – working out improves how I learn for many reasons. Simply spending 15-20 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week conducting some sort of physical activity genuinely improves our ability to learn. And, as the photo above shows, jumping around in the outdoors surrounded by nature can act as a massive boost to us all.

I’ve linked in several articles which will give you further scientific back up regarding why exercise helps us learn so you can read further, but here’s how I believe it helps:

  1. Exercise gives you energy – it’s a common misconception that working out makes us tired. The opposite…

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