The Purpose of Project ENGAGE

The purpose of Project ENGAGE is to provide a home away from home for students that are from Illinois Board of Higher Education colleges and universities throughout the city of Chicago and county of Cook, and suburbs of Chicago.  According to ESSA, our school system over time will also be dubbed the After School college and university system for the Illinois Community College Board, City Colleges of Chicago, Board of Governors Universities, and the Chicago Public Schools.  Also, according to the Higher Learning Commission, faculty and staff lackluster causes students’ attrition in every academic  major in the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs.  In order for every student to succeed, students want academic staff to have an expedience about answering questions by phone, by email, and even in person about financial aid, off campus housing, career advising, and academic advising in their majors.  

Also, students in class desire professors to communicate well in their academic disciplines.  Students will learn if undergraduate faculty, graduate faculty, and medical faculty posess a passion within the field they teach in.  Students desire faculty to be patient with questions during class lectures, discussions, and lab sessions on campus.  Students require professors to teach at a slower speed and write more clearer on the board because students are from various academic backgrounds.  Currently, our students are within the Chicago Public Schools, graduates of CPS, GED students, Developmental Education students, and continuing adult education students who work during the day and go to class at our ground campus locations at night or online campus locations, and even mid career students who would like to further their education in graduate school, law school, business school, or medical school.  

Students complain that faculty that teach at our ground campus locations and online campus locations are not concurrent with curriculi.   Students complain that the exams, tests, quizzes, and homework do not match the book and lectures.  At the IBHE Collaborative University, we will propose to all the Board of Trustees and Faculty Senates the Yellowtextbook Center for Long Distance Education and Adult Remediation YCLEAR.  Within YCLEAR in the near future, we will take students evaluations and read them to rebuild the Writing Across the Curriculi WAC System.  The new WAC System allows adjunct faculty, general education faculty, and full time faculty to become more cohesive by communicating more clearer to adult learners in lectures, textbooks, quizzes, homework, exams, lab assignments, and class projects.

Class projects, lab assignments, and homework assignments in the near future will integrate concepts of adult learning theory and applied education theory through on going collaborations within the city of Chicago, Cook County, and surrounding suburbs.   To be in compliance with the Chicago Public Schools, IBHE Collaborative University will be broken up into five Yellowtextbook Regions to better serve the needs of adult learners in the day cohort, adult learners in the evening cohort, online cohorts, and course flexibility with class projects, lab assignments, and homework assignments.  The regions are Yellowtextbook South, Yellowtextbook Central, Yellowtextbook North, Yellowtextbook West, and Yellowtextbook Suburbs.   

Yellowtextbook North Region central university system is DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus.  Students that live north of North Avenue and east of Western Avenue and South of Howard Street.  In the near future, we will build a stronger science program in the Science Department YSCI that is applicable for adult learners and amicable to employers in Chicago; we will be working with the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum and Lincoln Park Zoo.  In the Social Sciences Department YSOCSCI and Humanities Department YHUM, we will be working closely with the Chicago History Museum, to increase students language arts skills in reading and writing that is applicable to facts about history, place, time, in culture in the city of Chicago.  Also, in the North Region we will be working with the Newberry Library.  The Newberry Library, DePaul University, Lincoln Park Zoo, Peggy Notebart Nature Museum, and Chicago History Museum will expose students to library skills that are applicable to Bioinformatics in Health Care Organizations in Chicago. Students will be able to learn the importance of how to store patient history data and compute patient history data for serving medically underserved health care organizations in Chicago.

Yellowtextbook Central Region is the core of our adult education processes and upcoming student support services.  The Central Region is bounded east by Lake Shore Drive.  South of North Avenue. East of Chicago River, and north of 22nd Street Cermak Road.  Within our magnificent borders of the Central Region, we will be collaborating with some unique organizations to build a powerful continuing adult education curriculum amicable to the private and public sectors.  For example, the city of Chicago, Office of the Mayor.  Cook County, the Office of the Cook County Board.   The state of Illinois, office of the Governor.  The Chicago Public Schools Central Campus Administration.   The City Colleges of Chicago Central Campus Administration.  The UIC Navy Pier Campus.  The Arts Institutes of Chicago.  The Chicago Park District Maggie Daley Park and Millenium Park.  The Field Museum.  The Shedd Aquarium.  The Adler Planetarium.  All these public sector and government sector organizations will be working on students academic concerns that attend especially private schools, for profit schools, and religious organization schools within all five Yellowtextbook Regions.  

Yellowtextbook West Region is bounded by the east to Halsted Street.   It is bounded by the south to 22nd Cermak Road.  We also bounded west of Western Avenue at North Avenue.  City of Chicago limits to the north. And, city of Chicago limits west.  The Yellowtextbook Region is home of the University of Illinois at Chicago.  The University of Illinois at Chicago is the central campus for curriculum and instruction, as well as teaching and learning for the IBHE Collaborative University System.   To stay state aligned with common core standards, Providence Saint Mel High School is apart of our academic processes to the medically poor and medically underserved African American community on the west side of Chicago.  In the years to come, Providence Saint Mel will be the curriculum manager to the DePaul University Chicago, Loyola University Chicago and High School and Grammar School curriculum processes.  Providence Saint Mel School System along with the University of Illinois at Chicago to decrease the detrimental effects of poverty among African Americans living on the west side of Chicago.  

Our black children may not be able to afford Providence Saint Mel, because of the unnecessary substantialized stress on the mother, who is a single household breadwinner for her family.   This unnecessary substantialized stress maybe heavily correlated to no employment opportunities due to a lack of education.   Also, unnecessary substantialized stress related to doubling up in single household breadwinners of Chicago Public School students and Malcolm X College students.   Due to the new city of Chicago ordinance, the University of Illinois at Chicago and Providence Saint Mel will engage over the next 10 years in a strategic master plan to increase enrollment to Malcolm X College.   According to federal and state lawmakers in Illinois, school attendance or truancy or attrition is due to students that are doubling up and homeless.  UIC and Providence Saint Mel will work heavily to stop an unsupportive parent in their tracks.  If at any point that a parent of an IBHE Collaborative University participant wishes to engage in negative processes outside of the classroom processes that prevents the child or student from completing their education during the academic school year and summer academic camps, the State of Illinois is at will to intercept by any means necessary when the parent participates in acts of Intimate Partner Violence IPV and or acts of Domestic Violence DV towards the student, child, or pupil.   The Campus Director is at will to report this information to faculty at UIC School of Public Health and faculty at Northwestern University School of Public Health.  The Campus is at will to act on the violent parent behalf by providing housing, meals, transportation, state of Illinois ID Card and birth certificate to safely complete their education for the academic school year.

The Yellowtextbook West Region is not the only region that maybe plagued by acts of IPV, but the Yellowtextbook South Region has the same set of problems too.  The Yellowtextbook South Region is everything south of 22nd Cermak Road.  To the west is the city of Chicago limits.  And to the south, the city of Chicago limits.   The southern corridor is the home of the Chicago Black Gospel Bible Belt.   Also, the Muddy Waters Blues Regimen in Bronzeville.  And also, the future resting ground of U.S. Senator Barack H. Obama (D) of Hyde Park Presidential Library.  Also, it’s casting neighbor a few miles away is the Museum of Science and Industry.   Students in years to come will experience an academic collaboration between the Museum of Science and Industry, the University of Chicago, the DuSable Library, Chicago State University, and Olive Harvey College.  Once construction has cleared at 95th and Dan Ryan Expressway, Olive Harvey College will join on the westside of Interstate 90/94 Kennedy King College to increase enrollment in the Adult Basic Education on the Southside of Chicago particularly to Woodlawn and Englewood that experience large waves of violence in the areas of gun violence, Domestic Violence DV, and Intimate Partner Violence IPV.  

To overhaul the unusual paths of violence in Black community, IBHE Collaborative University will endeavor to build research projects, homework assignments, class projects, community service projects, and student internships geared towards studying a strong correlation (R) between violence and poverty in the African American community.   These internships will be set up in the Interfaith community on the Southside of Chicago with Southside Tabernacle Assemblies of God and Saint Sabina Church.   Students will treat poverty as a disease or mental illness and not just a social problem.   Students will learn how to treat other social problems such as LGBT concerns as a mental illness that is diagnosable and treatable with current collaborations with Howard Brown Clinic, Saint Benards Hospital, Jackson Park Hospital, and Heartland Health Outreach.

Overall, the purpose of IBHE Collaborative University is to engage the adult learner in microcollege student programs and microcollege student support services.  The adult learner comes from different races, backgrounds, schools, and income, so therefore, all minds process information differently.  So, adult learners learn better in the evening versus the day.  Some of our adult learners like to learn on the computer, than to hear us as faculty teaching at our ground campus locations.   Some adult learners like a visual approach to complex material.  Some of our adult learners love to hear us lecture from the board to grasp lengthy concepts that don’t come across in most college textbooks.   And some adult learners like a student centered approach which allows them to touch materials that are directly related to topics in class and relevant to the real world.   But, how is the college able to engage all these different type of adult learners in all five Yellowtextbook Regions.  

The major concern as Campus Director is to unify all campuses, universities, colleges, grammar schools, high schools, research centers, hospitals, and community organizations.   One, currently, parents are tired of paying student loans and their child is not communicating or talking to other college students on campus about college issues.   Two, college administrators don’t communicate to us well about college processes as adjunct faculty.   Three, adjunct faculty, currently on our campuses in all five regions don’t communicate to each other or even me as of to date.   Adjunct faculty don’t articulate Illinois Community College Board standards to each other and yet alone struggling students who don’t pass Basic Math in our Developmental Education Curriculum.   

Parents in Chicago and surrounding suburbs are tired of taking out student loans, and to see the negative byproduct of failing grades at the end of each semester.   One, as Campus Director, I will propose in the strategic master plan at UIC and DePaul University’s input to implement a WAC System that causes faculty to communicate to each other about failing grades, and not the best student at the end of each semester.   The IBHE Collaborative University will design an alternative learning environment that is safe from negative freedom of speech.  We will build a curriculum that causes a positive input back to faculty.  We will build a curriculum for students to communicate to other students on campus.   We will build positive and safe microcollege students services so students can thrive on campus and off campus.   The purpose of the IBHE Collaborative University is to provide alternative student support services on and off campuses in Chicago and surrounding suburbs, because students complain about the lack of care and concern at for profit schools, private schools, and religious organization schools.  We are here to help to students from Pre K through Medical meet the challenges of employment problems in the private and public sector companies in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.