INQUIRE STEM Research Project

INQUIRE STEM Research Project will focus on nontraditional students, who hate in grammar school, high school, and community college science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and its applications to the life sciences.  S is for Science.  We will place a special emphasis in Biological Science, Chemistry, and Physics . 

 T is for Technology.   In our technology programs in the city colleges of Chicago and Illinois Community College Board, we will place special emphasis on ethics in computer science with philosophy, clouding with coding, cloud computing through script languages in C, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Node.  

E is for Engineering.  In our engineering programs we will focus on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.  

 M is for Mathematics.  Students who have a difficult time in Mathematics will treat it as a language, and not be adversarial to their success.  Students will learn data interpretation with graphical representation, learn data inference with meaning and not neglect, number iteration, number recursion, and Fundamental Theorem of Calculus that is applicable to AP Calculus AB.  For example, Sifidious Statistical Software is being redeveloped for Health Science majors to interpret Big Medical Data in the US Health Care System.