INQUIRE Student Participants Syllabus

The purpose of the IBHE Collaborative University Curriculum is to increase retention in our grammar schools, high schools, GED, Developmental Education, public colleges, and public universities in all five Yellowtextbook Regions.  Then, to increase grade performance during after school in homework assignments, lab assignments, research projects, class projects, and internships related to our Humanities Department, Social Sciences Department, Sciences Department, Mathematics, and Department of Pre Medical Education.  

One, what is our current problem.  Students that attend grammar school, high school, GED, and Developmental Education within all five Yellowtextbook Regions are recursive in the same grade or no academic mobility within the same benchmarks according to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Illinois State Board of Education, and the Chicago Public Schools.  There is a reason.  Students that go to school in all five of our Yellowtextbook Regions are plagued by domestic violence, gun violence, intimate partner violence, and poverty.  These environmental variables controls how well any student performs on the PARCC, SAT, ACT, TABE, and GED exams year to year.  Students test performance is terrible in social studies particularly in geography, and mathematics particularly in understanding how to solve word problems in a timely manner.  

Increased test performance is very hard to negotiate in most schools in all five Yellowtextbook Regions.  The reason why increased test performance is hard to negotiate in most schools because students are not prepared when they come to class.  One, when teachers assign homework, students do not complete it the night before.  Two, parents do not make sure their children are not prepare with simple school supplies like notebook paper, three ring binders, pens, pencils, rulers, and even calculators for Maths classes.   Three, students do not like to pay attention and focus in class while the teacher is in didactic format or pedagogy format.  Students bring distractors to class.  Those distractors could be cell phones or these new toys they can spin around in class.  

This is what we will propose through YWAC (Yellowtextbook Writing Across the Curriculi) in the near future for academic cohesion.   We will like to develop a student advising process in middle school for grades 6,7,8.  This student advising process would be effect for grammar schools within the five Yellowtextbook regions that would like students to change classes and have a home room or home division period.  The purpose of middle school students changing classes between every 50 to an 1 hour 15 minutes will help them matriculate to high school.  

Also, the student advisory process will be held during the Homeroom period or Homeroom division to discuss several issues relative to succeeding in middle school, and then later on matriculating to high school.