The Department of Pre Medical Education YPreMed

The Department of Pre Medical Education is a collaboration between the Biology Department, Mathematics Department, Chemistry Department, and Physics Department within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  The purpose of this new department is to prepare nontraditional students for a career in the Health Sciences versus the traditional student who is a Biology, Chemistry, or Physics majors at UIC or DePaul.  Also, it is to prepare students for Kaplan Test Prep Reviews in the MCAT, PCAT, and NCLEX, which are preliminary exams to the USMLEs Step One and Step Two for hospital licensure at any academic medical center in Chicago, Cook County, and surrounding suburbs.  

Before we can discuss the MCATs and USMLEs, there are departmental prerequisites.  Usually at most traditional universities, most Biology and Chemistry majors integrate non science courses into their degree program.  Usually, the traditional student does not like to integrate non science courses into the Pre Med experience at most universities that are on the AMCAS roll call in the United States.  Now, we are trying to create a pathway for non science majors, pre nursing majors, and pre pharmacy majors.  In order to join the Department of Pre Medical Education, non traditional students must have courses completed with a grade of C or higher.  Courses within Developmental Education, English Department, Communication Department, Spanish in terms of Foreign Language, Philosophy, History, Psychology, Sociology, and Art History.  The purpose of this emphasis in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is to make the nontraditional student competitive with our traditional Biology and Chemistry majors.  Also, doctors from non academic medical centers or medical schools have a tendency not to understand underserved communities initiatives according to the US Public Health Service, Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, and National Institutes of Health.  The purposes of these new emphasis in the pre med curriculi is to make non traditional students humane for the medical practice in Chicago, Cook County, and surrounding suburbs.

To insure we make non traditional students more humane, we are working very hard to rebuild pre medical education for grammar school students who are low income, high school students who are low income, and entering college students who are low income.  Students who attend grammar school and high school from the Chicago Public Schools will have a chance to participate in CHAMPEIS Program, Chicago Health Academy for Medical and Pharmacy Early Identification Students.  This program will be working close with UIC Jane Addams School of Social Work, UIC Urban Health Program, Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy, and Northwestern University Urban Health Program to prepare low income and low scoring children for an academic career in medicine.