King Tutankhamen


King Tutankhamen (-1343 to -1323), or King Tut for short, was the pharaoh or king of Egypt from -1333 to -1323, from age 9 to 19. Being only a boy he had little power and was soon forgotten. But then in 1922 he became the most famous pharaoh ever when Howard Carter discovered his body and his treasures. They had lain under the sands of Egypt for over 3,000 years.

Ancient Egypt laid their kings to rest in pyramids. The pyramids have stood for thousands of years, but all of them are empty, having been robbed of everything long ago. That is why the King Tut find was so amazing. It would be like finding a London flat from 1922 in near perfect condition in 5166.

King Tut is so ancient he lived a hundred years before Moses and the fall of Troy.

Howard Carter was…

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