Donald Trump


trump.jpgDonald Trump (1946- ), also called The Donald, is a billionaire blowhard and American television actor. He is running for US president in 2016, making naked appeals to White racism. He has been leading in opinion polls among Republican voters for the past five months, since July 2015.

His supporters are mostly Whites without university degrees. They say they like him because he tells it like it is – meaning that, instead of racist dog whistles, he makes naked appeals to their racism:

  • Mexican Americans:
    • He sees Mexicans as bringing in crime when, in fact, the first generation is less criminal than the US as a whole.
    • He will build a wall between the US and Mexico and kick out 11 million undocumented immigrants – along with their US-born children.
    • He will overturn the Fourteenth Amendment’s constitutional right to birthright citizenship.
  • Muslims and Muslim Americans:
    • He said he saw thousands…

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